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Using WebAccess from a PC (Full mode)

  The following restrictions may apply.


• Do not use the following characters in file and folder names: / \ " : < > * ? | or tab.

• When a file is uploaded, forward-slash characters (/) are replace with colons (:).

• If a file with a double-quote (") in the name is uploaded, the name may be changed by some browsers.


Do not use a space as the first or last characters in a file or folder name, or a warning message may be displayed when it is browsed via SMB.


Do not use a backslash (\) as the last character of a file or folder name.


The total path of a file name should be 247 characters or less. If the path is 240 characters or more, a warning message may be displayed by SMB.


Folders should contain no more than 300 files/folders, or you may experience enexpected behavior.


Internet Explorer 6.0 doesn't support transparent PNG, so screens may be slow to load and displayed incorrectly.


If you mainplulate a large number of files simultaneously, the task may not finish within the allowed time.


If many clients access your WebAccess server simultaneously, access speed may be significantly degraded.

The number of clients (computers or iPhone/iPod touch/iPad/Android) that can access WebAccess simultaneously depends on which LinkStation or TeraStation is being used.
Use the chart below as a guideline.

LinkStation /TeraStationNumber of connected clients
Others (such as LS-XHL, TS-XL)3


Full/Mobile mode
When the Full/Mobile mode is used, the display or functions may fail to operate properly.