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Using WebAccess from a PC (Full mode)

•Functions - [Share file by email]
  This command will email a one-time URL link to the shared folder or file.

To use this command, you must have email configured on your computer.
A "One time URL" is a temporary link. After the date you set, it is no longer valid.
If you try to use a one-time URL link to a folder that has been deleted, a "Not Found" error will occur.


Select a file/folder you want to share, and click [Share file by email].


(1) Enter [Effective Date (unit: day)] (range from 1 to 30).
(2) Click [OK].


Your email software will open with the one-time URL in the body of the email. Enter the recipient's email address and send it.
The recipient of the email can open the file or folder by clicking on the URL in the email or pasting it into a browser.