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Need to Share Files?

Do you often want to share your pictures, music, videos or other files with friends and family? Do you find it too hard, slow and cumbersome to set up e-mail lists and attach files to your e-mail?  If so, then you probably cannot wait to get your hands on Web Access!

How does it work?

Buffalo’s unique Web Access feature allows LinkStation or TeraStation Live users to share their pictures, music or other files with friends and family through any ordinary Web browser.
You don’t need to install any software and neither do those that you want to share your files with.

BuffaloNAS is the portal site that is responsible for establishing a peer-to-peer connection between Buffalo NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers, such as the LinkStation or TeraStation Live and external users.

For example, if you have a LinkStation or TeraStation Live at your home or office, you can configure the integrated Web Access server so that certain shares on your system become available to users on the Internet.

The configuration is a simple process. If you have an UPnP enabled router (most all recent routers support UPnP) you don’t even need to configure anything on your firewall. All you have to do is enable the Web Access server at your local LinkStation or TeraStation.


However, it is good practice to set access permissions first.


Go to  [Web Access] [Folders Setup]

Selecting the icon next to a shared folder name, will bring you to the “Edit Web Access Folders” configuration page.

The only configurable setting on this page is the “Web Access Settings” drop down list.

Here you can choose your desired level of Web Access (controlling who is going to have access to the folder’s content via the Web).


The choices are:

  • Allow Anonymous
    This will allow anyone to access the share.

  • Allow All Groups/Users
    This will allow only people who have an account on the LinkStation or TeraStation with rights to the share to access it remotely. Consult your user manual for more information on setting up groups and users on the LinkStation or TeraStation.

  • Use inherited folder permissions
    This will allow people with an account on the LinkStation or TeraStation to access the share remotely. They will only have access if they have read permissions on the specific share that they’re accessing. User accounts are configured in the “User Management” section of the main menu and permissions are configured in the “Shared Folders Setup” of the main menu.


Now click the Apply button to use these settings.

Then, go to [Web Access] [Service Setup]


Here is where you enable or disable the Web Access feature.

You have a few configuration options available:


  • HTTPS/SSL Encryption
    This enables or disables SSL encryption, making your data transmission more secure

  • Use BuffaloNAS.com
    Using BuffaloNAS.com is an easy way to give people access to your shared folders. BuffaloNAS.com merely acts as a referral Web page, connecting your friends, family and co-workers with your LinkStation or TeraStation. BuffaloNAS.com does not store, save or access any of your data at any time.

  • BuffaloNAS.com Name
    This is the name that you want to assign to your LinkStation or TeraStation and give to your friends. They will access your LinkStation or TeraStation under BuffaloNAS.com using this name. The system at BuffaloNAS.com will check if your name is already in use and alert you to select an alternative name if your choice is already taken. Please, be patient and do not select common names, such as “mylinkstation” or “ourfiles”.

  • BuffaloNAS.com Key
    This is the password (“key”) that protects your LinkStation's or TeraStation’s BuffaloNAS.com name. Try to select a password that is not easily guessed by others.

  • DNS Hostname
    If you decide not to use BuffaloNAS.com to connect people with your LinkStation or TeraStation, you have to enter a fully qualified DNS hostname for your LinkStation or TeraStation that will resolve on the Internet.

  • Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP)
    This will setup the firewall ports on your router automatically for external Web Access to your LinkStation or TeraStation. Please, note that your router needs to support UPnP for this feature to work. If your router does not support UPnP, or if you have a complicated network setup you can disable this feature and configure you firewall manually.

  • External Port
    This is the port that your LinkStation or TeraStation will use for the Web Access interface. Please, note that this is not the port for the general LinkStation or TeraStation administrative interface. You can enter any valid port from 1-65535. Please note that the LinkStation or TeraStation is always using port 9000 for internal access to the Web Access server.



you merely enter a name (i.e. BaldEagle) and key (i.e. 12345) and wait for the acknowledgement from BuffalNAS.com. If nobody has picked your name already, you are set to go.


What do Others need to know to Access your LinkStation's or TeraStation’s files?


Just tell your family, friends or colleagues to go to http://www.buffalonas.com/baldeagle .


Upon Login, there will be a direct connection between their PC and your LinkStation or TeraStation.

Your pictures, documents, music files or whatever you decided to share are now available via the Internet, without the need for drivers or software installation on your or the recipients side!

You can choose on your LinkStation or TeraStation if you want to make access Anonymous (grant everyone access) or to restrict access via username and password. You can also select if you want the connection to be secure, using SSL.

Even easier, if you access a file on your LinkStation or TeraStation through the Web Access feature and want to share it with your friends, you can send a link using your favorite e-mail client, just by right-clicking on the file.

And best of all, there are built in features like a Flash based player to stream audio files from your LinkStation or TeraStation right over the Internet. So, if you are away from home, you can still enjoy your tunes. The same goes of course for those, who want to access their Power Point presentation on the road. If you launch a file, the correct application is started automatically, making it a seamless experience.


Have Fun!



© 2006 - 2007 Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc. 


Buffalo Technology’s Web Access feature is offered as a service for Buffalo Technology customers.  Buffalo Technology provides not guarantee or warranty of its operation and is not responsible for the content on users’ NAS devices.  NAS owners are responsible for following their respective laws and ISP rules regarding content distribution.  User data does not move through www.buffalonas.com , its purpose is only to provide the direct web connection between a user and a NAS product.